Animal Services

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The shelter is an open admission shelter, meaning we do not turn away any animal in need. We are a public facility that provides safe, temporary shelter for homeless animals. Staff searches for permanent homes through community adoption or transfer to rescue partners. The animal shelter is NOT a pet boarding facility. The shelter operates under managed intake and requires pre-scheduled appointments for owner surrenders.

Staff is committed to placing safe and healthy animals in the community. They search for appropriate permanent homes for adoptable animals. Nationally approved rescue partners have resources to care for animals with special needs. We place animals with workable behavior concerns and treatable medical issues with them. Staff assesses every animal to determine if they are adoptable. We rule out underlying medical conditions and temperaments presenting a community safety risks. Euthanasia is a last resort. When necessary, euthanasia is carried out with respect for the animal. Euthanasia is performed by certified euthanasia technicians. They follow best-practice guidelines set by the NC Department of Agriculture. At Cabarrus County, all shelter animals receive care and compassion.

The best way to limit euthanasia is to spay and neuter your pets! Intact males can catch the scent of a female in heat and wander off tracking the scent. This is a common reason for males to escape their yard. If the male finds the female in heat, there is a risk of mating if they can get to one another. By spaying your females and neutering your males, you eliminate this risk. Spaying and neutering prevents unwanted litters of animals that fill up the shelter. There are also health benefits, including a lower risk of many types of cancer. Spaying and neutering can be an expensive surgery. Thankfully there are wonderful organizations, like Spay It Forward. They provide financial assistance so every pet owner can make a responsible decision.

Shelter Procedures

Any animal that presents to the shelter as a stray is held for 72 hours per the Department of Agriculture. These animals can be viewed on lost and found. Any animal that presents as an owner surrender is not required to be held for 72 hours. Animals are evaluated upon intake. They receive a second evaluation before an adoption / rescue / euthanasia decision is made.

Once evaluated, animals can be viewed on adoption and rescue. Animal shelter laws can be viewed at the Department of Agriculture.