Animal Traps

Animal Services DOES NOT remove wildlife from:

  • basements
  • crawl spaces
  • attics
  • drains
  • natural habitats

We loan traps to County residents with proof of NC Wildlife trapping permits.

County residents can check out/return traps Monday-Friday, noon-4:30pm.

To borrow an animal trap from Animal Services you must provide:

  • proof you are a resident of Cabarrus County
  • a permit from NC Wildlife

Proof of Residency

A valid NC license or picture ID and one of the following:

  • ‍current utility bill
  • ‍current insurance registration
  • ‍current pay stub
  • ‍current lease/rental agreement

Visit NC Wildlife for general information about:

  • the agency
  • rules trappers must follow
  • information on obtaining a trapping permit

NC Wildlife Phone: 1-800-662-7137