Special Vehicle Response Team

Special Vehicle Response Team The Special Vehicle Response (SVR) Team was envisioned by officers. These officers worked numerous mass population events and special assignments. However, they did not have the appropriate equipment to handle assigned tasks.

Working with Sheriff’s Office Administration, a vision for the team was developed. In late 2009, the SVR Team began to form. Funding from local grants purchased needed ATVs and UTVs. The SVR Team is a valuable tool in searching for:

  • missing persons
  • endangered persons
  • persons of interest
  • fugitives from justice

The SVR Team is now the primary team used for mass population events. These events include the annual NASCAR races and many other County events. The SVR Team consists of trained agency members. These members spend hundreds of hours planning scenarios and tracking missing persons.

Vehicles maneuvering on rough terrain and in densely populated areas enable officers to:

  • patrol larger areas
  • answer calls for service
  • handle vehicle collisions
  • maintain peace by preventing/stopping conflict, domestic disputes and assaults

The SVR Team works with the: