Request a Ride-Along

Request a Ride-Along

The Sheriff's Office offers a ride-along program for those 18 or older. To be considered for the program, an interested person must complete:

  • the ride-along application
  • a background check

Rules for a Ride-Along

Anyone authorized to ride-along will participate in a passenger/observer capacity only. Participants will not be permitted to:

  • take part in any law enforcement action
  • assist in conducting investigations
  • perform any other law enforcement task or function

Participants are not permitted to:

  • operate any patrol vehicle
  • handle or possess firearms or other weapons
  • use equipment issued by the Sheriff's Office

All participants will wear civilian clothing while participating in the ride-along program. Assignments are normally limited to uniform patrol units.

A ride-along application may be rejected. This occurs if participation does not serve the best interest of the Sheriff's Office. If interested in participating in this program, fill out the ride-along application completely. Return the application to the Records Division of the Sheriff's Office.