Inmate Visitation

  • Visitation Hours: 9 am - 8 pm, Tuesday - Saturday
  • If County Government is closed for inclement weather, visitation is canceled
  • Visitation Center: 30 Corban Avenue

Notice to Clergy Visitors

Clergy must complete and submit a clergy registration form (available at the visitation desk) along with required documentation. If you were previously approved as clergy, you will need to complete the registration form and we will attach your current documentation. Clergy must receive approval as ordained clergy in order for any professional visits to be granted.

Visitation Policy

  1. Visitors 16 or older must present valid State ID, issued by the DMV, to register. If your State ID is cracked, defaced or damaged in any manner it will not be accepted.
  2. Visits will be 45 minutes long beginning on the hour.
  3. Visitors must check in 10 minutes prior to scheduled visitation time; failure to do so may result in loss of visitation.
  4. Visitation will be by appointment only. Visits may be scheduled up to one week in advance through the website or kiosk.
  5. Visits must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.
  6. All visits must be cancelled 48 hours in advance.
  7. If an inmate leaves the Detention Center(Jail) for any reason (including but not limited to: doctor’s visit, court in another county, etc.), any future visits will be cancelled. You will be responsible to reschedule those visits.
  8. Each inmate is permitted one visit per day and up to three onsite visits per week. One offsite visit is permitted every day. One adult and up to two minors may be present during one visit. All minors must be listed on the visit.
  9. Visits will not be scheduled by telephone. Any exception must be pre-approved by the Detention (Jail) Administrator.
  10. Anyone 18 or older is an adult and must have their own scheduled visit.
  11. Visitors may schedule visits with multiple inmates, but can only see each inmate once a day.
  12. Anyone causing a disturbance during visitation, including unattended children, will have their visit ended.
  13. Anyone misusing the visitation equipment will have their visits canceled.
  14. Cabarrus County reserves the right to deny any visit for inmates or visitors.
  15. Children under 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  16. Each visitor may be checked for outstanding criminal and civil processes.
  17. No smoking or impairing substance allowed at any time.
  18. Visitors may be subjected to a metal detector search before entering the visitation building.
  19. Proper attire is required at all times. Shoes and shirts must be worn; suggestive clothing, see-through fabrics, halter or tube tops, short shorts and mini-skirts will not be permitted. Appropriate underclothing is required.
  20. The Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office records all video visitations that are not professional in nature.

View the Visitation Policy in Spanish

In an effort to maintain the safety and security of the Detention Center (Jail), it is important to establish guidelines that inmate visitors are required to follow. Though the below policy may not cover every possible scenario, it does cover the most common occurrences. The Detention Center (Jail) may suspend or terminate visitation privileges to those who fail to comply with the rules and regulations set forth in the Visitation Policy.

Offenses and Suspension Periods

Level 1

  • Wearing inappropriate attire
  • Failure to tend to minor children
  • Disrespect to Detention Center (Jail) staff
  • Creating any condition causing a disruption of others' visits
  • Failure to arrive and check in for visit 20 minutes prior to scheduled start
  • Failure to update personal info in visitation system (after initial warning)
  • Attempting to sign in for a visit with a cracked, defaced or damaged ID card (after initial warning)

Level 2

  • Multiple level 1 offenses will equal a level 2 offense
  • Cursing or using vulgar language
  • Failure to keep your visitation station as clean as it was prior to the visit
  • Causing any disturbance in the front lobby, including but not limited to the use of profanity or obscene remarks and gestures
  • Making references to any type of criminal activity, including but not limited to gang activity, verbal threats or drug use

Level 3

  • Multiple level 2 offenses will equal a level 3 offense
  • Damage to visitation equipment
  • Attempting to manipulate the visitation system
  • Conspiring to introduce contraband into the Detention (Jail) Facility
  • Standing and/or attempting to indecently expose oneself during the visit
  • Showing inappropriate pictures, articles or media through the video monitor
  • Bringing or attempting to introduce a cellular device or other banned item into the video visitation room


  • Level 1 offenses will result in refusal of the initial visit
  • Level 2 offenses will result in loss of visitation privileges for one month
  • Level 3 offenses will result in loss of visitation privileges indefinitely

All suspensions of visitation privileges are subject to review and may be appealed to the Visitation Supervisor. There are copies of the Visitation Policy posted for your convenience at each visitation station as well as on the Detention Center (Jail) website. By initially registering to visit, you acknowledged you had previously read and understood the policy.