Transfer Partners

We work with many non-profit animal welfare organizations. These organizations operate throughout the Charlotte area, the state and across the county. We work with these groups to find placement options for as many of our shelter animals as possible. Our transfer partners are 501c3, non-profit organizations. These partners help animals with medical concerns and behavioral issues find forever homes. We are grateful for these partnerships.

These animals are NOT available for public adoption. Those interested in adopting should visit our adoption page.

Approved Transfer Partners

View animals needing your assistance:

To inquire about animals in need of transfer, email

New Transfer Partners

We are always looking for new groups to work with. We welcome any foster based or facility based organization to partner with us. Apply if your organization has the resources and capacity to place shelter pets. If interested, email with the following information:

  • A copy of your organization’s 501c3 determination
  • Complete transfer partner agreement
  • Veterinary reference for where your rescue pets get vetted
  • 2-3 animal shelter references. Your organization must have pulled pets from these shelters within the last 2 years. We prefer NC shelters.
  • A copy of your adoption policy

Thank you for your interest in partnering with our shelter! We look forward to working with your organization.

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