Reclaim Your Pet

If you believe your pet could be at the Cabarrus County Animal Shelter, reach out to us immediately. Public hours are Monday through Friday 12-4:30 pm and Thursdays until 6:30 pm. An appointment is not necessary for pick up. Due to limited kennel space, we appreciate pet owners retrieving their pets quickly. We cannot offer additional hold time once you've identified we have custody of your pet. We can help if you are having scheduling or transportation conflicts in coming to claim your pet. We do this by allowing pet owners to designate an alternative person to whom their pet can be released. This will need to be determined in advance.

Group housing and pet health and safety require us to take certain precautions. All pets entering the facility will be vaccinated age appropriately upon arrival with:

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella (dog)
  • Distemper/Parvo (dog)
  • FVRCP (cat)

The rabies vaccine is not administered if the pet has a current rabies tag that can be verified. Many animals come through our facility. They could be carrying or currently symptomatic with a variety of contagious illnesses. As a best practice for the health and safety of your pet, we vaccinate all animals. There is a required vaccine fee due upon pick up.

Reclaim process is as follows:

  • Pet owner must provide:
    • a government issued ID
    • proof of pet ownership
      • photos of you and your pet
      • vet records with accurate pet description
      • adoption or purchase paperwork
    • pay applicable fees and fines due
  • Upon arrival, go to the front desk and provide ID, proof of ownership and fees due.
  • Our primary payment method is mobile checkout, but we can also accept cash or check for reclaim fees.

Reclaim fees are as follows:

  • Boarding fees: $10/night
  • Vaccine fees: $20/dog, $15/cat
  • Leash Law Fines (ordinance):
    • 1st offense: $50 (we often waive this fee unless your pet posed a danger or was a nuisance while loose)
    • 2nd offense: $150
    • 3rd offense and thereafter: $250

Questions or concerns about reclaiming your lost pet? Call 704-920-3288. If you cannot reach someone, leave a message with:

  • your name
  • your phone number
  • a brief message