Prison Rape Elimination Act

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) - Third Party Reporting

The Sheriff’s Office does not tolerate sexual abuse or harassment in detention. The department will immediately:

  • respond to allegations
  • fully investigate reported alleged incidents
  • pursue disciplinary action based on investigation outcome in accordance with PREA standards
  • refer for prosecution those who perpetrate prohibited conduct

How to Report Sexual Abuse at the Sheriff's Office

Inmates/detainees should report all allegations of sexual abuse or harassment immediately by:

  • Informing an employee or volunteer, including medical staff
  • Contacting the PREA Coordinator by submitting an inmate/detainee grievance form
  • Apprising Captain Klinglesmith

Do you have information about the sexual abuse of a Detention Center inmate/detainee? If so, you should report it on behalf of the inmate/detainee. You can do this by contacting the PREA Coordinator’s confidential mailbox. Leave an anonymous messages at 704-920-3132.

You can also visit ICE Case Review to report sexual abuse on behalf of an inmate/detainee.