Community Engagement and Crime Prevention

Community Engagement 

Community Engagement is essential to Sheriff's Office operations. We partner with our citizens to have a positive impact on our community. Therefore, we welcome public interaction. Community Engagement sponsors and provides services such as:

  • Medicine Drop Box
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Annual National Night Out
  • Church security and safety audits
  • Other community engagement events

Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention is a priority at the Sheriff's Office. We help prevent criminal activity before it happens. An obvious crime deterrent is visibly patrolling neighborhoods, communities and businesses. Citizens can be a part of prevention in many ways, including:

  • Organizing Neighborhood Watch programs
  • Participating  in education initiatives

The Sheriff's Office is always willing to educate citizens about crime prevention techniques.

Community officers assigned to your neighborhood can share literature and information with citizens. This information outlines crime prevention tips that make our communities safer.